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My name is KeAnna (Ke) Daniels. I am an Empowerment and Strategic Planning Consultant, Entrepreneur, Change Agent, Connector, and a Servant Leader. I empower individuals to live their best lives by taking risks based on faith, and to live on purpose and with intention in order to execute with excellence. I incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset into my practices where failure is embraced and not shunned—the best lessons in life, and in business are learned through failing. I have adopted the practice of learning the lessons in every situation; good or bad, and as a result I've made faith Over fear a lifestyle from the way I think to the risks I take both personally and professionally. I empower my clients to do the same. 

It was in the last four years that I came to realize my purpose and contribution to the world. After moving away to a novel city where I had no family or friends, on a quest to continue my academic and professional development, being blessed with opportunities one could only dream of; in the midst of it all I was being prepared to start KMD Empowerment Consulting, LLC to do the work I do today. In those four years I was isolated, self-reflective, humbled, vulnerable, stretched; I was tested, I was given opportunities, I took risks, I learned, I listened, I believed, I grew, I had faith. I was transformed and became a new me, a better version of myself. I became who I was always destined to be. And it took me leaving my comfort zone where I knew everyone, and was a big fish in a little pond, to journey to a place where I knew no one and became a little fish in a big pond. It was there where I found my purpose—in the midst of opportunity and challenge, to empower individuals and organizations to be their best. And here we are today.

Who Is Ke?

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