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KMD Empowerment Consulting, LLC, empowers individuals and organizations to adopt transformational practices to become more intentional, purpose-driven, effective and efficient in the execution of their lifestyle and business. KMD Empowerment Consulting, LLC is a faith-based, woman-owned life and business consulting company. We empower our clients through our services, our words, and through our events. 

"We believe in the transformation of the person through self-empowerment first. When people are given the tools to be transformed as individuals, they are then prepared to go and transform and evolve businesses and organizations."


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Our Services

WAVE (Women And Vision Empowerment)

WAVE helps aspiring women entrepreneurs move forward on their entrepreneurial journey. WAVE is specifically for women stuck in the ideation stage due to fear. Through our WAVE program, we empower women to work through their fears so they can focus on bringing their vision to reality. We do this by applying strategic practices such as setting realistic goals, action steps, and accountability in order to see it through to fruition. We evolve thinkers into doers. 

Entrepreneur Ecosystem Support

We help Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) with developing diverse, inclusive, and efficient methods to effectively assist all entrepreneurs through their programming, marketing and outreach efforts. 

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